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Jerin Arifa is a polymath whose award-winning work has changed millions of lives worldwide -- from cutting-edge cancer research to community organizing. 


"She is incredible. Jerin has an amazing voice. And a very articulate, powerful, fierce, brave voice."

Eve Ensler

World-Renowned Activist, Playwright and Performer



Force for Change. Trailblazer. Award-Winning Polymath. Marketing Empathy and Equality.

Jerin Arifa is a polymath whose award-winning work has changed millions of lives -- from cutting-edge cancer research to community organizing. Jerin spearheaded the campus sexual assault policy for the largest urban public university in the nation -- while undocumented!

Now, as an American citizen, she leverages 14 years of successes in corporate and nonprofit communications strategies to end sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination in the workplace. Jerin has always been a creative problem solver, whether it was creating an anti-poverty program in Bangladesh as a child, or winning awards for cutting-edge cancer research as a teen in the U.S.

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As a first-generation Bangladeshi and American-Muslim feminist,

Jerin leverages her multicultural background to deliver successful communications strategies for a variety of organizations, ranging from commercial real estate to nonprofits.

As the Founder and President of the National Organization for Women’s (NOW) inaugural virtual chapter, Young Feminists and Allies, she works on youth development across the U.S.

Young Feminists and Allies has members from Arizona to New York with diverse backgrounds and ages. Jerin’s previous positions at NOW include National Board Member and Chair of the National and New York State Young Feminist Task Forces. She also served on the board of the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute, along with Gloria Steinem.

Jerin acknowledges and appreciates the women and men whose shoulders she stands on, especially her mother and grandmother.

Jerin's grandmother was a child bride turned activist.

She was a Force for Change, who taught her mother to be the same. 

Following in their footsteps, Jerin has worked to end gender-based discrimination for decades, since childhood. She worked alongside leaders in the violence against women sector: as an advocate, front-line staff and movement builder.

Even more important than her accomplishments, Jerin’s commitment to high integrity and empathy make her a natural leader. She is skilled at building coalitions with unlikely allies, such as enlisting a fraternity to fight rape culture on campus. She brought together diverse community stakeholders–media, legislators, staff, faculty, students, and University Board of Trustees–in a collaborative process of discovering needs and defining a desired policy mentioned above.

Jerin has received multiple awards from local and national organizations, such as being chosen out of 10,000 nominees to attend the historic United State of Women Summit under President Obama. Jerin’s work has appeared in diverse outlets from The New York Times to Cosmopolitan, and she presents regularly to local, national and international audiences.

Jerin’s passion for social justice includes volunteering for the American Cancer Society for over a decade, and the Humane Society for years. She is happily married to an atheist, Alaskan man, who shares her passion for New York City. Jerin’s purpose in life – outside of feminist world domination – is to pet every dog on the street.