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Jerin Arifa is an award-winning activist, a first-generation Bangladeshi and Muslim-American feminist, and happily married woman to an atheist, Alaskan man.

Jerin Arifa is a trailblazer who co-created the campus sexual assault policy for the largest urban public university in the nation; and as a child, created a literacy program for homeless kids in Bangladesh. As the Founder and President of the National Organization for Women’s (NOW) inaugural virtual chapter, Young Feminists and Allies, Jerin mentors millennials across the country.


LGBTQAI+ Muslims and Allies Interfaith Activism

Jerin Arifa

From youngfeministsnow:

Jerin was honored to spearhead the first-ever, Eid celebration at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in New York City. The sold-out event brought together seven separate organizations for the first time, both religious and secular. The interfaith/non-denominational celebration sold out in less than a week, and was co-sponsored by:

  1. Young Feminists and Allies: National Organization for Women's (NOW) Inaugural Virtual Chapter
  2. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center
  3. NYC Commission on Human Rights
  4. Tarab NY
  5. The Caribbean Equality Project
  6. Muslims for Progressive Values
  7. The Nur Ashki Jerrahi Community Sufi Order

This event is a continuation of Jerin's activism on behalf of LGBTQAI+ Muslims and allies. She organized Ramadan and Eid events in 2016, also.

Testimonial: Dr. Alan Gross

Jerin Arifa

I have seen Jerin's organizing capabilities first-hand. She single-handedly created the first totally on-line chapter for the National Organization for Women (NOW). 

Dr. Alan Gross: Statistician and Economic Analyst.
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Testimonial: Nichole Barrett

Jerin Arifa

I am beyond grateful for what Jerin has brought to my life. ... I walked in to that interview feeling confident and competent, and was offered the job two weeks later with a salary nearly twice as much as I was expecting. 

Nichole Barrett, Licensed Social Worker
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