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Jerin Arifa is a polymath whose award-winning work has changed millions of lives worldwide -- from cutting-edge cancer research to community organizing. 


Mission-Driven Expertise



Jerin's grandmother was a child bride turned activist.

She was a Force for Change, who taught her mother to be the same. 

Following in their footsteps, Jerin’s award-winning work has changed millions of lives -- from cutting-edge cancer research to community organizing. 

Jerin has known her purpose for a long time -- to end all forms of inequity. She is working on her life’s mission by transforming work as we know it.

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Spearheaded Change for Millions

  • Like her grandmother, Jerin overcame multiple barriers to create change for millions
  • Jerin spearheaded the campus sexual harassment, assault, domestic violence and anti-stalking policy for the largest, public, urban university in the U.S. – while undocumented.
  • She convened diverse community stakeholders–media, legislators, community groups, faculty, students and University Board of Trustees–in a collaborative process to discover and define a desired policy. 

Strategic Marketing and Communications 

  • Now, as an American citizen, Jerin leverages 14 years of successes in corporate and nonprofit communications strategies to end sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination in the workplace.
  • She educated and mobilized thousands for online/offline advocacy toward local and national campaigns, legislative campaigning and coalition building, as a NOW National Board Member.
  • Jerin led a co-funding initiative with four separate domestic violence nonprofits serving distinct cultures, developing internal and external messaging with sensitivity to cultural communications differences.
  • She secured 1,300% more earned media placements in The New York Times and other key outlets by cultivating relationships with key journalists, editors, producers and bookers.
  • She influenced diverse audiences through thought leadership, media relations and explaining research and technical concepts into layman terms.

Decades of Anti-Violence Work

  • Jerin has worked to end sex-based discrimination for decades, since childhood
  • She worked alongside leaders in the violence against women sector: as an advocate, front-line staff and movement builder.
  • She provided direct service while working for the largest, anti- trafficking and domestic violence agency for Asian Americans.

Formal Training

  • Jerin received formal training to prevent and respond to gender-based discrimination and violence.
  • Almost a decade ago, she received training to facilitate the award-winning initiative most recently hailed by The New York Times as the leading program for bystander intervention training.

Developed, Executed and Analyzed Trainings for Hundreds

  • Jerin organized train-the-trainer workshops on bystander intervention against gender-based violence for: students, faculty, staff, deans, athletics and public safety officials from City University of New York, New York University and Columbia University; and rape counselors across New York City.
  • She designed, facilitated and evaluated trainings for hundreds of volunteers from four separate anti-trafficking and domestic violence agencies serving distinct immigrant communities. This groundbreaking program taught volunteers not only to be pro-social bystanders against domestic and sexual violence, but also to recruit others in ending gender-based violence.
  • Jerin designed, led and evaluated trainings for hundreds in both corporate and nonprofit sectors on wide-ranging curriculum: bystander intervention, partnerships, marketing and communications strategies.

Creative Problem Solving

  • Jerin has always been a creative problem solver, whether it was creating an anti-poverty program in Bangladesh as a child, or winning awards for cutting-edge cancer research as a teen in the U.S.

Partnerships / Coalition Building 

  • Jerin is skilled at building coalitions with unlikely allies, such as enlisting a fraternity to combat sexual assault.
  • She forged strategic partnerships with organizations of 10,000-plus members to grow brand awareness.
  • Jerin researched and convened local and international activists and agencies from–government, secular and religious sectors, representing multicultural and multi-faith traditions–to affect systemic change.


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Jerin envisions a world where women and minorities have the same opportunities to excel in their careers. We need the brilliance of all of humanity to come up with solutions to global problems.

Research shows that having a diverse workforce is not just good for ethical reasons. Organizations with diverse talent pools come up with more innovative solutions and yield higher profit margins. McKinsey and Company found that organizations with more ethnic and gender diversity, respectively, were 35 percent and 15 percent more likely to outperform their homogenous counterparts. Diversity is good for business!




In order to transform work as we know it, we need change at every level: individual, organizational and cultural. Jerin is working toward her life's mission using a comprehensive approach.


Organizational Culture Shift

Jerin provides anti-sexual harassment training to reduce employee turnover and increase productivity.



Individual and Group Trainings

  • Jerin trains and inspires employees to harness their own leadership by fostering organizational cultures free of gender discrimination, based on empathy and excellence. She helps team members to recognize and prevent implicit and explicit bias in hiring and promoting women.
  • She also provides bystander intervention training for team members to respond to harassment or discrimination when they witness it. 

Establishing Processes

  • Jerin helps organizations establish systems to prevent harassment, as well as policies to respond if it does happen. Companies must invest not only in providing anti-bias training, but creating company policies that discourage discrimination and harassment.
  • Jerin guides companies in designing professional development opportunities that take into account the unequal challenges faced by minorities and women.

Strategic Marketing and Communications

  • Jerin provides strategic marketing and communications guidance on how companies can demonstrate their commitment to diverse and inclusive organizational cultures.
  • She supports companies to attract and retain top talent by ensuring that internal and external messaging take into account implicit bias and cultural communication differences.



Individual Empowerment

Career Coaching

Even if an organization has inclusive practices that hire and promote diverse talent, society overall sends us implicit and explicit messages that undermine the talent of minority employees. Individual employees are not immune to this messaging, and must overcome societal conditioning about their own potential.

  • Jerin inspires women to recognize and feel confident about their unique skills.
  • She coaches women to market those skills to key decision makers to obtain and navigate opportunities to excel in their careers.



Please contact Jerin for a free consultation on how she can help you and your team accelerate your impact by fostering organizational cultures free of gender discrimination, based on empathy and excellence.