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Jerin Arifa is a polymath whose award-winning work has changed millions of lives worldwide -- from cutting-edge cancer research to community organizing. 

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment & Discrimination

Jerin has worked to end gender-based discrimination for decades. She received formal training and worked alongside leaders in the violence against women sector: as an advocate, front-line staff and movement builder. Drawing on her expertise, she  provides anti-sexual harassment training to reduce employee turnover and increase productivity.

Individual and Group Trainings

  • Jerin trains and inspires employees to harness their own leadership by fostering organizational cultures free of gender discrimination, based on empathy and excellence.
  • She helps team members to recognize and prevent implicit and explicit bias.

Establishing Processes

  • Jerin helps organizations establish systems to prevent and respond to harassment, including bystander intervention training.
  • Clear guidelines communicate to employees that their well-being is important to organizations. 

Please contact Jerin for a free consultation on how she can help you and your team accelerate your impact through customized anti-sexual harassment consulting.