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Jerin Arifa is an award-winning activist, a first-generation Bangladeshi and Muslim-American feminist, and happily married woman to an atheist, Alaskan man.

Jerin Arifa is a trailblazer who co-created the campus sexual assault policy for the largest urban public university in the nation; and as a child, created a literacy program for homeless kids in Bangladesh. As the Founder and President of the National Organization for Women’s (NOW) inaugural virtual chapter, Young Feminists and Allies, Jerin mentors millennials across the country.


Testimonial: Nichole Barrett

Jerin Arifa

Before being coached by Jerin, my resume and networking skills very much reflected that of a typical recent grad desperate for a job. I had graduated two years prior but still wasn’t able to find a job in my profession of social work. Jerin showed me how to best represent my skills and experience on my resume, consolidating my various volunteer commitments in a much more efficient manner. I began to reflect the more mature and experienced professional I felt I was on the inside. I soon grabbed the attention of three agencies within a week of editing my resume as Jerin taught me. When I finally landed an interview at a substance abuse treatment facility, Jerin coached me through each step and question the interviewer would likely ask. I walked in to that interview feeling confident and competent, and was offered the job two weeks later with a salary nearly twice as much as I was expecting. Jerin has never stopped coaching me, encouraging me to network with key individuals and teaching me how to create an “elevator pitch” that conveys my passion and work ethic all at once. Not only has Jerin opened my eyes to so many professional outlets, she has also checked in on me on an emotional level, encouraging self-care and a healthy lifestyle. I can confidently say that Jerin has provided me with key tools and the self-confidence I needed to land my job, and has made the stepping stones possible along the way. I am beyond grateful for what Jerin has brought to my life. 

Nichole Barrett, Licensed Social Worker