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Jerin Arifa is a polymath whose award-winning work has changed millions of lives worldwide -- from cutting-edge cancer research to community organizing. 


Training & Movement Building

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Jerin has decades of experience designing, executing and evaluating trainings in both corporate and nonprofit sectors. She speaks regularly to local, national and international audiences. Since childhood, she has trained thousands through keynote speeches, coaching and trainings on a wide range of curriculum:


Organizational Consulting

  • Workplace Cultures
  • Gender-Based Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Fundraising/Development

Strategic Marketing and Communications

  • Media Relations
  • Social Media
  • Outreach
  • Networking
  • Partnership Development
  • Event Planning

Islamophobia / Racism

Faith and Feminism

  • Islamic feminism
  • Religious feminism
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Interfaith Dialogue and Collaboration

Please find below a small sample of her past trainings and presentations.

Organizational Consulting

Strategic Marketing and Communications

  • Trainer: Coached executive and frontline staff to be spokespeople, The Financial Clinic.
  • Trainer: Coached dozens of sales agents on partnership development and communications strategies (media relations, social media, outreach and networking), The Regus Group.
  • Trainer: Educated and mobilized thousands for online/offline advocacy toward local and national campaigns, legislative campaigning and coalition building, National Organization for Women (NOW).
  • Project Manager: Led co-funding initiative with four separate domestic violence nonprofits serving distinct cultures, developing internal and external messaging with sensitivity to cultural communications differences.
  • Trainer: "Networking Skills in the Public Sector," Making your Mark!?

Muslim Feminist / Islamic Feminism / Faith & Feminism

Islamophobia / Racism / Hate Crimes

LGBTQAI+ Equality / Gender Identity & Expression

Feminism / Activism / Community Organizing

Intersectionality / Convening Unlikely Allies

Young Feminists / Young Women's Leadership

Violence Against Women

  • Trainer: Train-the-trainer workshops on bystander intervention against gender-based violence, Hunter College Women's Rights Coalition. Trainees included students, faculty, staff, deans, athletics and public safety officials from City University of New York, New York University and Columbia University; and rape counselors across New York City.
  • Trainer: Developed, executed and analyzed trainings for hundreds of volunteers from four separate anti-trafficking and domestic violence agencies serving distinct immigrant communities. This groundbreaking program taught volunteers not only to be pro-social bystanders against domestic and sexual violence, but also to recruit others in their communities to end gender-based violence.

Campus Sexual Assault / Title IX

Jerin was one of two students who spearheaded the campus sexual assault, stalking and domestic violence policy for the largest, urban, public university in the nation. She began working on the policy almost a decade before campus rape began making regular headlines.

2017-11-15 Title IX after DeVos.jpg
2017-11-15 Title IX after DeVos.jpg

Domestic Violence

Street Harassment